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Becoming Emily is now available in a paperback edition!

My newest book introduces middle-grade readers to the life and work of the enigmatic American poet Emily Dickinson (1830-1886).

Here's what reviewers are saying about the book


Emily Dickinson and her world come to life in this beautifully written, well-researched tribute to one of our great poets. Kids' nonfiction at its best--Susanna Reich, Author of Minette's Feast and José! Born to Dance


...a lively and effective introduction to Dickinson's life and work--Publishers Weekly 


...this thorough study is sure to entice middle-grade readers to explore one of the 19th century's greatest poets--Kirkus Reviews


Sprightly prose, short chapters, and a concentration on poet Emily Dickinson's early years helps make Goddu's charming biography of the Belle of Amherst a winner for middle-grade readers. Emily is firmly emphasized as a lively member of a close circle of family and friends, giving her an accessibility often overlooked in favor of the reputation as a reclusive spinster she gained in her middle age. Goddu stresses the student and letter writer who adored her friends, her garden, and her dog, and her tendency toward solitude is contextualized, if not dwelt upon. Black-and-white photographs of the people and places in her life add to the warmth, and biographical events, like her father's involvement in bringing a railroad line to Amherst, Massachusetts, are linked to her poems. Goddu clarifies how Emily's poems came to be published after her death, with two factions of family and friends feuding over her manuscripts. Back matter, including a time line and bibliography, anchor Emily's historical importance. An excellent companion for those reading or studying her poetry.--Booklist